Wednesday, November 24, 2010

woven experiments

Well, this week was it's usual juggle between kids and studio and house. Sometimes it works against my creativity and other times it helps me get inspired. I find interruptions so frustrating when I am being creative, but then again it stops me obsessing over one particular thing and doing something totally different. In turn, my mind gets refreshed and I come back to my projects with fresh ideas.
I have been attempting some new weaves after a long process of putting my loom together (it has been in storage for 8 years!) and am planning a bag range to be introduced...

Weaving is a love hate thing with me - it is very technical and not for the fainthearted - especially when you're dealing with this big brute..Thankfully my husband is a carpenter - had it not been for is understanding of wood structures I think it could have ended up on a bonfire! He has dismantled and put it together (too) many times and there has been many a muttered grumble whenever the word 'loom 'has been mentioned. I say in jest ' you'll eat your words one day!..(I've insisted on keeping it until the day I could afford the space and time to concentrate on it and make it pay it's way -)Now that it is functioning as it should I find myself getting very excited about experimenting with different yarns and unusual textures.
In my art school days I would spend many a frustrated moment using very beautiful and impratically fine silks which would snap all the time, ruin my weaves and reduce me to tears! I made life extremely difficult for my loom and myself. However I did persevere enough to create some pretty fabrics. Weaving fine fabric is sooooo time consuming and now I really have to change my style of working to weave faster in order to make it work commercially...


  1. Oh Lily...had no idea you were a weaver as well, that looks like some serious loom...Did you have it shipped from Scotland?

  2. Wow! That looks so scary and yet so interesting - I wouldn't know where to start. I'm dying to see what wonderful things you are going to make.

  3. Wow, didn't know the loom was that big Ali! How did you ever manage to have it out before?! Watched some people learning to master the loom on TV a while ago, being taught by a master craftsman. It's a dying art... keep it up... but, like you say, definitely doesn't look like something for the fainthearted! Thanks for the peek into your workshop. Ex