Monday, December 20, 2010

Byloom and Hyde - my new bespoke bag store now open!!

I'm really excited about my new etsy store by loom and hyde. Now specifically for bespoke handmade limited edition bags and purses.. look out for more coming in the new year!!


  1. Love your new stores with your amazing designs,
    good luck!!!

  2. Congratulations on the new store!

  3. pretty creations and congrats for your new shop

  4. hello,
    I would like to give you the "Stylish Blogger Award" for your awesomely stylish blog! :)

    How this award works is that it's passed on from blogger to blogger, so I received the award from someone and I pass on the award to others. Part of this award is to write 7 things about yourself (on your blog post) and pass this award to 15 other recently discovered blogs you think deserves this award too.

    You can see my post and the link for the award here!
    happy new year